Glacier National Park Camping with Kids

Kid’s Glacier National Park Camping Gear Recommendations

Over the river and through the woods to Glacier National Park we go! What better way to make memories that will last a lifetime with your family then to do it ona Glacier National Park camping trip under the big sky! This blog will give you all the tips and tricks to make sure you have all you need to know when you are planning your family camping trip to Glacier!

GNP Camping Gear: Tents and Sleeping Bags

Trust me there is a difference between gear and GOOD gear. Good gear doesn’t need to break the bank but you do want gear to hold up to your adventures. Where you lay your head at night is very important so you can get a good night’s rest to recharge your body for tomorrow’s adventure. You will want to make sure you have a good tent along with a sleeping bag fit for the conditions you will be in. 

TSA may not like it if you check all your camping gear but fret not there are plenty of ways to still camp even if you use sky miles to get here. There are a few great companies here in the area you can rent or purchase any of your camping needs. Glacier Guides and Montana Raft have all your rental needs covered, but plan ahead so they can reserve all you need. Glacier Outfitters have a few locations to pick up all you need as well. One of them being right at the airport so you can load up your car with everything and hit the road! Right on Trek is another great option as well. You can reserve your gear ahead of time and swing by and pick it up whenever. They offer a 24/7 onsite self-service gear rental. 

Glacier National Park Tent Camping

GNP Camping Gear: Clothing and Shoes

Our fashion “go-to” around here is sensible not fashionable. Shoes being a major factor of that. You will find yourself in a lot of different terrain around here so you want to have the traction to get ya where you need to go. The paparazzi around here are focused on the beautiful scenery, not your footwear. Hiking boots are a good option but make sure you have taken a few walks in them and they aren’t fresh out of the box when you land here. Also, make sure you pack along some bandaids just cause they are broken in doesn’t make you exempt from a blister. 

We all laugh when the Grinch says, “ BUT WHAT WILL I WEAR?”, but that is a valid question. We suggest light layers. As the mornings start out cooler you will want some extra coverage and also the ability to peel off some layers as the day goes on and it heats up. Also, depending on what you are doing or if you end up in higher elevations you may get chillier and need to layer up so best to have a few options with you as the day goes on or along the trail. 

GNP Camping Gear: Hiking gear

A hiking pack is a must but doesn’t have to be super fancy for a Glacier National Park camping trip.  Make sure what you decide to use will hold up to where you are going but most importantly will fit all you need. It is also best to practice packing it up with all your essentials a few times before you hit the trail to make sure everything on your check list has a home. Another important tip is to make sure the weight of your pack is sustainable for you. You don’t want it weighing you down and missing out on views of a lifetime. Take this tidbit into consideration when you are trying to pack everything including the kitchen sink.

Glacier National Park Camping - Food Tips and Tricks

GNP Camping Gear: Food and Drink 

Unless you want all the wildlife in Glacier to join you for dinner I would steer clear of trying to have a steak dinner on the trail but food is important to keep your body fueled up. The days are hot and long around here and you need to make sure your body has what it needs. Make sure you pack enough water for your trip and lots of good high-protein snacks. A few of our favorites to have along are a quick sandwich. Even a simple PB&J is great along the trail. Trail mix, is so versatile, pick up a bag or make a mix of your own. Apples or other fruits are great too! Jerky and energy bars are other great options. Take a peek at our other blog below for some other ideas. Most important rule when you are out and about: Pack it in…pack it out. Make sure you are cleaning up after yourselves and not leaving trash or food out for wildlife. 

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GNP Camping: Kids Entertainment and Activities

The fresh mountain air will have your kids WHIPPED out but they will surprise you with the amount of energy they will still have. After a few days of hitting the trails in and around Glacier, make sure you plan in some time at Glacier Highline for some memorable family fun. We are a great hiking motivation and another way to still enjoy time as a family. Spend some time in the trees and stretch out those sore hiking legs on our upper and lower ropes courses. Take a seat and enjoy our zip lines then test your luck on our rock climbing wall. You can also have some family-friendly relay races in our 80’ inflatable obstacle course or cool off in our swimming pond and inflatable water slide. You can even enjoy a fresh pattied burger or share some BBQ pork nachos from the Tower Grill and Coffee Shop after eating out of your backpack along the trail all week. We have all you could need and more at Glacier Highline! Your kids will thank you and think you are the coolest parents on the PLANET! Don’t snooze on this!

Another fun family activity you can plan on is attending a Range Riders baseball game. What a fun way to spend an evening! Tons of fun- take a peek at their schedule and snag some tickets!

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GNP Camping Gear: Safety Essentials

You can never be too prepared. Make sure you bring a repair kit for gear emergencies. A first aid kit is always a good plan to have too. Another smart thing to have sometimes as well are walkie-talkies as cell service can be slim to none when you are out in the woods. Always smart to be over-prepared and not need it, than need it and not have it. 

Also, make sure you stay hydrated and carry a map or GPS!

Whether you camp out under the stars or pull your camper along for the adventures, this is a trip your kiddos will talk about for years to come! Give you and your family the camping trip of a lifetime. Really unplug from reality and soak up the great outdoors!

But if you’d prefer indoors, check out our guide to camping near Glacier National Park for both campsite and Glacier National Park lodging recommendations.