Guide to Lodging Near Glacier National Park

When it’s summer and you’re weighing your options of lodging near Glacier National Park, one of the most important things to consider is if you can wake up and start your adventure with your first step in the morning. Whether that is tent camping for your group inside GNP or staying with a few more amenities from home nearby the park, the choice is completely up to you!

Lodging Glacier National Park

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Camping near Glacier National Park is an experience like none other… truly away from it all, or even near a few things if that’s what you prefer, there’s a camping spot for everybody! Some enjoy a few campground amenities while others prefer to pitch their tent wherever they may land, whether alongside the riverbanks of the North Fork River, or Fish Creek campground right in GNP.

Part of camping can be overly prepared and preplanned such as reservation inside Glacier Park, or take the more fly by the seat of your pants approach by hitting the river banks, we will let you decide.

A Pro to Camping in Glacier National Park: Right in the heart of western MT’s greatest destination… one step from a trail or the freshest mountain waters.

A Con to Camping in Glacier National Park: You’re right in the heart of the traffic action and park elements, less amenities, gas, food, third party activities.

Recommended Campgrounds For Your Glacier National Park Vacation

The best camping in Glacier National Park:


*Our favorite campground hands down in the area that is full of great views and onsite amenities goes to the West Glacier KOA. You can swim, eat, and play all day in this campground. Complete with spectacular mountains views and just minutes from Glacier Park.