Family Camping Glacier National Park

A Family Preparation Guide to Camping Near Glacier National Park

Planning a family camping trip to Glacier National Park?  If it is your children’s first time being exposed to overnight camping in a National Park, here are some steps you can take to create a kid-friendly camping trip that the whole family will love!

Six Things to Do Before Camping in Glacier National Park:


  1. Practice camping in your backyard
  2. Learn Leave No Trace best practices before the trip
  3. Make sure to reserve your campground in advance
  4. Plan meals that the entire family can help prepare while camping in Glacier National Park
  5. Learn about the history of Glacier National Park
  6. Plan alternate activities that get you away from your campsite


camping preparation glacier national park

1. Practice Camping In Your Backyard

Understand how your children will react to sleeping outside early on by pitching a tent in your own yard! Learn what excites them or concerns them about camping before the actual trip, and let them help plan the vacation so it’s enjoyable for everyone.  Let kids practice pitching a tent, setting up a sleeping bag, and enjoying a night outdoors.


camping glacier national park

2. Learn Safe Camping/Leave No Trace Habits

Help your kids become aware of the rules and necessary habits that come along with camping.  Take some time before the trips to act out scenarios where Leave No Trace protocol and safety habits need to be present.  Act out seeing a bear, and have your kids tell you how to handle the situation.  Act out feeding wildlife, leaving food out, or not putting out a campfire and let your kids tell you what you did incorrectly.  Help everybody have fun while also learning the rules of camping in National Parks!


camping Glacier

3. Reserve Your Campsite In Advance

The last thing you want after a long drive to Glacier National Park is to have to drive around looking for an available campsite.  This will lead to grumpy kids, a stressful day, and less time to enjoy the beauty of the National Park.  Reserve your campsite in advance to get a good location and skip the stress!


camping Glacier Park

4. Bring/Plan Meals Your Kids Can Help Prepare

Make meals an activity for everyone!  Hangry-ness can get in the way of a good day but if you give your children special responsibilities when making dinner, everyone will be busy and happy.  Let kids build their own tin foil dinners, or create interesting and unique s’more masterpieces.


family hiking glacier national park

5. Introduce Your Kids To The Park Before They Arrive

Introduce your kids to the National Park you will be camping in so they understand what to expect when they arrive.  Show them pictures of the trees they will see, what rock formations they will experience on hikes you plan, or any wilderness creatures they may meet during their camping trip. This will make them more comfortable with their surroundings, and help everyone be more excited to get to the National Park.


Zipline Glacier National Park

6. Plan Some Alternate Activities

Most kids can’t hike all day every day.  Break up the normal camping activities with a unique adventure! Glacier Highline is located right at the West Entrance of Glacier National Park and is a great afternoon activity for the whole family.  Explore our ropes course, zipline, giant swing, climbing wall, and inflatable courses.  Your family will thank you!

Enjoy your camping trip!