Family vacations in Montana

Family Vacations in Montana

Vacations in Montana

Montana is a fantastic place to vacation with your family. Whether you are hoping to get out and experience a Montana family ranch vacation or are headed to a different type of resort, the variety of options within the Big Sky state will amaze you! Our Montana family vacation ideas come from a mom who not only is from the Flathead Valley, but who loves to travel around our state. Here is our list of the best family vacation locations in Montana.

Here are our top destinations for family vacations in Montana:

  1. Bozeman
  2. Butte
  3. Thompson Falls
  4. Helena
  5. Bigfork
  6. Glacier National Park

1. Bozeman


Trip Length: 6 hours from West Glacier

An activity everyone should do: Montana Grizzly Encounter or Museum of the Rockies

Unique/fun fact about this location: The city is named after John M. Bozeman, founder of the Bozeman Trail, a shortcut connecting the Oregon Trail to the gold rush territory of Montana. 

Why this place would make a great family vacation: Well hopefully Yellowstone National Park isn’t the only reason you are traveling to Bozeman. This town is FILLED with activities, culture, hiking, and tons of exploring to do! Fly Fishing on the Missouri River is a sure bucket list item while you’re in the Bozeman area among tons of hiking and adventure within Yellowstone. The best way to find out things to do in any of these towns is just ask the table next to ya, their today’s adventure could turn into tomorrow’s game plan!

2. Butte


Trip Length: 4.5-5 hours from West Glacier – (A good little pit stop to or from Yellowstone!)

An activity everyone should do: World Museum of Mining. Take a few hours and enjoy the World Museum of Mining and see what really made this town boom back in the 1800s!

Unique/fun fact about this location: Butte is Montana’s 5th biggest city and hosted a gold and silver mining boom of the 1800s. There is lots of MT history packed into “The Richest Hill on Earth”!

Why this place would make a great family vacation: This town is packed full of adventure. From hiking, taking in the history butte has to offer, Berkeley pit even checking out the ringing rocks in Whitehall. Butte is a great little town to add to your Montana Bucket List adventure.  This ol’ mining boomtown has lots of awesome family fun packed into it….I mean how often do you get the chance to take a mining tour….?!? Make sure you also keep your eyes peeled for Our Lady of the Rockies while you’re in town.

3. Thompson Falls


Trip Length: 2 Hours from West Glacier

An activity everyone should do: Old Jail Museum

Unique/fun fact about this location: Thompson Falls was named after British explorer, geographer and fur trader David Thompson, who founded a North West Company fur trading post called Saleesh House in 1809. The community is located next to natural waterfalls on the Clark Fork River. The arrival of the railroad in 1881 brought the first real activity to the area.

Why this place would make a great family vacation: Lace up those hiking boots! There’s TONS of wonderful hikes in and around the Thompson Falls area. You can even check out the Thompson Falls Dam or tool around down on Main Street. Your agenda will be filled around this little town. The fishing is phenomenal or maybe you wanna take a look around the Old Jail Museum. There is plenty for all sorts of family fun down in Thompson Falls you don’t wanna miss out!

4. Helena


Trip Length: 2.5 hours from West Glacier

An activity everyone should do: Montana Military Museum

Unique/fun fact about this location: Rogers Pass, just North of Helena, recorded the lowest temperature at -70 degrees on January 20, 1954! Could you even imagine?!?!

Why this place would make a great family vacation: Not only is this our state capital, Helena is full of culture and outdoor activities.  Check out our state capital building or maybe take a tour of the Governor’s Mansion. Take a hike or bike a trail. This also is a good hub for a few little day trips to Montana Ghost Towns or the Lewis and Clark Caverns maybe even take a quick dip in a hot spring. Maybe you can recreate the Gold strike of 1864 and find a little Gold of your own here in Helena.

5. Bigfork


Trip Length: 45 minutes from West Glacier

An activity everyone should do: Wayfarers State Park. There’s plenty of public beach and a public boat launch to spend a day in the water on Flathead Lake. 

Unique/fun fact about this location: Some say the name “Bigfork” is derived from the Salish name for the area. However, Bigfork is a fork where two rivers, the Flathead River and the Swan River flow into the Flathead Lake.

Why this place would make a great family vacation: This town BOASTS that small Montana town feel. From the shops downtown to the boats and docks on the lake, this community sure knows how to celebrate and live in MT! At the head of Flathead Lake, Big Fork has endless ways to enjoy all seasons here in MT. Enjoy multiple restaurants, catch a show at the Bigfork PlayHouse, or even just take a stroll down to the lake and enjoy the largest body of freshwater West of the Mississippi River.

6. Glacier National Park


Lodging: Rising Sun Campground, Babb, MT

Trip Length: 1 hour from West Glacier

An activity everyone should do: Rising Sun Campground

Unique/fun fact about this location: In the 2010 Census the population of Babb, MT was 174 people.

Why this place would make a great family vacation: Rising Sun campground is a beautiful place to rest your head after a long day to gear up for the next day’s adventure. This campground is nestled in where the West side meets the East side of Glacier National Park. It’s the best of both worlds…make sure you reserve your spot early!

Family Trip Montana

Enjoy your Montana family vacation!


We hope you got an idea or two for ways to enhance your family vacation in Montana. Don’t forget, if you are driving around the state, check out our Missoula to Glacier National Park and Bozeman to Glacier National Park blogs for road trip itinerary ideas to make the most of your adventure. Soak in the fresh and crisp mountain air and we will see you soon for aerial adventure and ziplining at Glacier Highline!