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Who Can Zipline?

Integrated Ziplines For Maximum Fun!


You will find ziplining in both of our courses along with a 250’ exit zip line from our upper course back down to the main level. Our course is set up in a “hub and spoke” setup. This makes it easy to move about at your leisure and you can pick and choose your adventure! 

Are you ready to harness up for some FUN?!? Let us answer a few frequently asked questions about our ziplining.

  • Is there a height or weight limit for the zipline?
  • What do I need to know before I zipline?
  • Who can/should zipline?
  • What are some ziplining tips for beginners?
  • Who shouldn’t zipline?

1. Is there a height or weight limit for the zipline?

These questions are always dependent on the facility you are ziplining at. Here at Glacier Highline, as long as you are at least 6 years old, then you can do all our zip lines within our park. The only weight limit to zipline we have if for our exit zip line wich is a limit of 240lbs.

2. What do I need to know before I zipline?

We go over all the details before you hit the courses. You will first be fit for your harness and put in all your safety gear. Then you will head to our upper deck to learn how to use your equipment safely during our Clic-it School as we call it. It is important to listen up, the better you listen the more fun you will have up in the trees. Our guides will be out there to assist you along the way but it is not a guided tour.

A few things we also suggest:

    • Hair Tied Back- Low ponytail or braids are best
    • Closed Toed Shoes
    • Empty pockets
    • If you use an inhaler or meds (EpiPen, insulin, etc.) make sure you either keep them on you or notify the staff what you may need and where it is while you are out there in case they need to help retrieve it for you.

3. Who should zipline?

Anyone who is physically willing and able – Do you need to be able to run a marathon to zip line? Not at all, but we want to make sure you are physically willing, able, and capable to do what we need you to while you are on the course. Making sure you can move your gear easily is important as our hub and spoke course allows you to pick and choose which obstacles and ziplines you do. You will find some are harder than others but they are all just a little different. 

Anyone who fits the equipment – Our staff make sure you are fit appropriately for your gear depending on your height and weight. If something doesn’t feel right make sure you ask. Our staff will be around to check it all, but it’s always a good rule of thumb to ask! 

Anyone READY FOR FUN! – This has never been an issue for us, people are ready to rock n’ roll by the time they hit the gear room to harness up!!

4. What are some ziplining tips for beginners?

The most important tip is to wear comfy clothing you can move freely in. Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day and have a snack before you hit the course. We do allow guests to bring water bottles, you can also visit our Tower Grill and Coffee Shop for a bite or a drink to keep yourself fueled up for adventure!

We encourage guests to bring their phones or even a Go Pro to capture the fun while you are out there! Capture the memories and save a page in your scrapbook for Glacier Highline! 

Above all else, be ready for adventure!! You may experience a variety of weather as well so it’s smart to have layers with you or dress in layers so you can gear up appropriately while you traverse through the obstacles.

5. Who shouldn’t zipline?

Anyone who is pregnant –  We advise anyone who is pregnant not to partake in the course. Harnesses aren’t the most comfortable thing you will ever wear in your life and the middle strap runs right across your belly which can put pressure where you don’t want it and which makes you mildly more uncomfortable than the rest of your party. We also wouldn’t recommend going if your doctor has any concerns about it or you’re still in your first trimester of pregnancy as well. There is still plenty of fun to be had if you stay on the ground while your crew goes up. You can walk along under them, take pictures, and be their cheer squad at the end of the zipline for all the action shots! 

Anyone who is intoxicated – Safety is our number one priority while we are out there and we cannot take you up if you are under the influence of any substances as we need everyone to be oriented and alert.

Anyone with extenuating medical conditions – You know your medical conditions and medical history better than anyone. If our activities are above and beyond what you or your doctor feel you can handle, it’s best to stay on the ground. There are always spots in the sun or shade to sit back, relax and watch your group FLY HIGH with us!

Anyone exceeding our weight limit to zipline (over 240 lbs) – REMEMBER this applies to our exit zipline ONLY!!!  If anyone in your crew exceeds our park’s weight limit, they can still participate on our ropes courses and all of our other zip lines. When they are done, the ropes will exit our upper course via the entry/exit bridge instead of the exit zipline.

Whether you are ziplining over the canopy of Glacier Highline or the rainforests in South America, remember each facility has different gear, rules and regulations. Ziplining is always a good adventrue to have on your bucket list while you are traveling. Make sure you reserve your harness today for your next Glacier National Park visit!

See ya in the trees!

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