Bird Woman Falls

Bird Woman Falls: 3 Facts You Didn’t Know

Bird Woman Falls is one of many Glacier National Park waterfalls

Bird Woman Falls is one of many Glacier National Park waterfalls and is located between Mount Oberlin and Mount Cannon on the west side of the park. This Glacier National Park waterfall can be seen from a vehicle along the Going-to-the-Sun Road.

  1. How Bird Woman Falls Formed
  2. Fun Facts about the Falls
  3. Viewing Season for Bird Woman Falls
  4. (BONUS) Lodging in Glacier National Park Near Bird Woman Falls


Discover the mystic behind Bird Woman Falls for yourself or simply put your curiosity to rest with these 3 interesting facts.

Bird Woman Falls

1. How Bird Woman Falls Formed

The falls were sculpted by a Glacier hundreds of thousands of years ago. This Glacier was also responsible for carving out the valley below Logan’s Pass as well as Lake McDonald

Bird Woman Falls Sign2. Fun Facts about the Falls 

The Falls cannot be accessed via trails so the best way is to sit back and enjoy the views from Going-To-The-Sun Road. Bird Woman Falls has a total drop of 960 feet. The upper drop is about 12 feet with the tallest drop being 640 feet, it is such a sight to see. The Glacier that formed the falls melted 12,000 years ago, so we rely on yearly runoff from the snowfall to be able to still witness this breathtaking waterfall. The hanging valley above the fall that you can see holds all the snowfall for the falls. 

Bird Woman Falls on Going to the Sun Road3. Viewing Season for Bird Woman Falls

Late Spring to early Summer is the best time to catch the peak of the Bird Woman Falls. Due to its location on Going-To-The-Sun Road, viewing depends on when the road is open or closed. You can access via bike or hiking a short while before you can access the road via a vehicle. 

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