Confidence Boosting Activities

Adventure Park Zipline: How to Build Your Child’s Confidence

Confidence Boosting Activities for Kids

Are you ready to get your kid(s) out of the house and teach them something meaningful? Wanna be the COOL parents who take their kids to do COOL things? What about providing them with confidence-boosting activities to build their self-confidence and resilience as they learn to rely on their own strength and determination through confidence-building activities like on high and low obstacle courses? And if we’re talking teenagers, convince them to “do it for the ‘gram”  and get them a few more likes on their post? Whatever your WHY is––GLACIER HIGHLINE IS IT!!!!

Confidence Boosting Activities: Obstacle Challenge Course 

Glacier Highline has over 50 high flying obstacles to conquer. Burma Loops, Islands of Healing, Hopscotch and Box Cars just to name a few. We have something for all skill levels and all comfort zones. The beauty of our course is we are set up and a hub and spoke course. So you can work out to a hub and then it spokes off so you can pick and choose how to maneuver through the courses. We also have 2 courses to enjoy. We have a lower course that sits at 12 ft off the ground and the upper course above that, standing tall at 30 ft in the air. We start everyone on the lower course to get used to their gear, harness and being suspended in the air. We also do this to start building their confidence before heading up to the upper course. These elements make our courses quite different from others, but more importantly it helps build confidence and gets you the most out of your adventure pass at the park!

Course Safety

Our guides are well trained and versed in not only our safety gear, but also the obstacles themselves.  They are out there with you to help assist with a hand or words of encouragement. They will quite literally show you the ropes! Check out our High Ropes article if you want to read a bit more about some of the obstacles.

Confidence Boosting Activities

Encouragement on the Course for Confidence Boosting

The best way to encourage kids or anyone on the course is just be mindful and give them space, don’t pressure them. It can be a huge mental game to some, to do things you “can’t” do. Remaining calm and collected also helps those around you who may be having a harder time. This is also another way our hub and spoke course design is nice, it allows others to move around anyone taking a few extra minutes to work through an obstacle.  Also, just reading the situation. You know your family or friends, you know what they need. Some need an extra word of encouragement, some need silence, and sometimes just showing them how to do something.  Just remember you’re not alone, our guides are out there if and when you need, they also give you the space to enjoy and fully fulfill your adventure.

Lessons Children Can Learn

Confidence isn’t something we have, it’s something we earn. Where else would you wanna earn that badge of confidence other than right outside Glacier National Park while being 30’ in the air?!?! Scratch that, EVERYONE in your crew will talk about this for YEARS to come! What better memories to make!

1. Self Confidence

We let you go at your own pace and pick and choose what you want to conquer, this is a great self-confidence booster. Our hub and spoke course design allows people to move in all directions so you can work through everything at your own speed. We start everyone on the lower course and you can stay there and play as long as you like until you are ready to head up top. Up top is where you will find another great motivator and confidence booster…250’ ZIP LINE! 

People from all over come and experience the ropes during their travels to check Glacier National Park and the Flathead Valley off their bucket list.  We also get to host multiple school groups each year, honors clubs, boy/ girl scout troops, we have even had a few army groups come challenge and test their limits at Glacier Highline. Being near people who you are familiar with helps when you are trying something new. 

Our Park is full of family fun and family bonding. Families work together to push each other and help everyone overcome their fears or hesitations. Kids are even great motivators for their siblings, parents, and grandparents! I’m not saying we are a gambling facility, nor do we condone it, but I’ve seen some pretty serious wagers thrown down on the course. I’m talkin’ ice cream cones, Pizza for dinner, $20 (ok that’s gambling and rest assured we checked and their ID’s were over the age of 18 ;), and I’ve even seen a bit of Glacier Highline Merchandise leave the office after they made it through.

Confidence Boosting Activities

2. Resilience

KIDS ARE RESILIENT!!  KIDS ARE FEARLESS! We get to see kids do things they “couldn’t do” or “will never” all the time! It’s great! Watching them conquer something on their own is so much fun for all! Honestly, this isn’t even just kids, all ages of people we see overcome their fears, fear of heights, all sorts of things and it’s so fun to witness and be a part of that. You never know what you will overcome at Glacier Highline, and some people didn’t know they had any fears or hesitations until they came and conquered.

3. Ropes Courses Help Build Muscle

When you’re on vacation do you regret skipping the gym or fitness class but still need your 10,000 steps for the day? We can totally help you with that! We have been “finding muscles” for about 7 years now.  Got lots of hiking planned to count for your fitbit or apple watch challenge? We are also a great hiking reward for parents to offer their kids after they go hiking all week in Glacier. Call us the carrot at the end of the stick if you will. This is also a great way to burn out that hiking buildup your muscles have endured during your adventure. It could also be used to stretch out before you hike the Highline Trail or Avalanche Lake, this is a great thing to have on your Glacier “To-Do” list.

With your confidence badge earned, you’ve zipped, swung, traversed, conquered to your heart’s desire you are ready to hit the trail. We hope you plan a good at least ½ day of family fun here at Glacier Highline! You will not regret it!