Jackson Glacier Overlook

3 Interesting Facts About Jackson Glacier Overlook

Jackson Glacier Overlook in Glacier National Park


Headed to Glacier National Park? Jackson Glacier Overlook in Glacier National Park is a must-add to your trip itinerary. The history and geology behind the glacier are astounding and the Jackson Glacier Overlook draws crowds from all around the world! This is a must-see for anyone traveling Going-To-The-Sun Road or headed to ziplining in Glacier National Park

Since it’s in our backyard, here’s a little extra information to help you enjoy this specific scenic pull-out to the full extent. Learn about: 

    1. Jackson Glacier Overlook History
    2. Geology and Glacial Recessions
    3. How The Overlook Got The Name 


1. Jackson Glacier Overlook History


Jackson Glacier OverlookJackson Glacier Overlook offers one of the most stunning viewing spots for the peaks and valleys of Mount Jackson. This beautiful scene is the result of about 1.6 billion years of history and a few geologic processes which have created the beauty located right in our backyard. Glacier National Park has some of the oldest and best-preserved sedimentary rock in North America and you will have plenty of proof as you hike and explore Glacier.


2. Geology and Glacial Recessions


Jackson Glacier is the 7th largest of 25 total glaciers in Glacier National Park and is one of the easiest to observe within the park. It was first documented in 1850 and joined with Blackfoot Glacier which covered about 1,875 acres. Between 1966 and 2005, Jackson Glacier lost almost a third of its acreage. The Glacier was last measured in 2005 to be about 250 acres and Geologists state that by 2030 there could be no more remaining Glaciers. 

3. How The Overlook Got The Name


Jackson Glacier Overlook at Glacier National Park

Mount Jackson stands tall at 10,052 ft and is the 4th tallest mountain in Glacier National Park. It is a part of the Lewis Range, with Mount Cleveland being the parent peak. There are a few places you can enjoy the hike from, either near Siyeh bend or at Lake McDonald. You can take on this mountain if you wish with a 15.4 mile out and back difficult hike with an elevation gain of 2,437 ft. This is a demanding day hike so make sure you give yourself enough time and pack snacks, water, and layers in case you face some elements along the trial.

Most importantly don’t forget your bear spray or your camera!! 

Not up for the hike?

You can still capture some awesome pictures from the comfort of your car! You can take in the beauty near Sun Point off Going-To-The-Sun Road you can pull off (with plenty of parking) and enjoy the views of the Jackson Glacier Overlook

If you’re looking for some family fun near Glacier National Park, Glacier Highline is your premier destination for aerial adventure, ziplining and adventure water courses. 

Get your aerial adventure on by ziplining Glacier National Park!