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Zipline Montana: Soaring Through the Big Sky

Montana Zipline

Family Activities near Glacier National Park

It’s a hot Montana summer day and you are searching for the perfect activity for your whole family.  The kids have some extra energy to burn and you know it would do everyone some good to get fresh air. Imagine feeling the cool breeze whip through your hair as you soar amongst the treetops, feeling as free as you can be. Our high ropes course at Glacier Highline includes five zips on our zipline – the last one is 250’ long! If you’re searching for a Glacier National Park zipline, you’ve come to the right place at Glacier Highline!

ziplines near glacier national park

A Full Ropes Course

Our course includes over 50 activities, it’s like American Ninja Warrior: Montana Edition.  There are zip lines throughout both the lower and upper course including a 250’ zip line to get you off the upper course but we are so much more than just a zip lining course. 

high ropes course

And you’re off!!!

We start everyone on the lower course. That’s a “one-way” street and all obstacles are similar in difficulties. This just gets you used to using your gear, being in a harness and suspended in the air.  After the lower course, you are free to stay on the lower course or head up to the upper course when you’re ready. Your adventure pass includes 1.5 – 2 hours on the ropes portion of the course which is plenty of time to monkey around up there. 

Family activities Glacier National Park

Rock Climbing Wall

Your pass also includes the rock climbing wall which you can move onto after you’re done on the ropes portion.  After you’ve climbed to your heart’s desire then you can move on to the next activities. We have an 80’ inflatable obstacle and inflatable water slide over our pond you can fully enjoy after the harness has been returned to the gear room. We have plenty of activities to burn out some energy and make some awesome memories on your Glacier adventure!! 

Activities Near Glacier National Park

Safety & Pricing

We take kiddos as young as 6 on the ropes course but anyone under the age of 10 will need an adult in the group to go with them. There is no weight limit for the course but there is a 240lb weight limit for the long 250’ zip line.

We require closed-toed shoes and ladies we ask that you tie your hair back in a low ponytail or braid to help fit your helmet better. You will be in a 4-point harness, so wear clothes that you will feel comfortable in and will not get in the way of your harness. Our guides will fit and adjust you for your harness then set you up with your set of Clic-its. This 2 handled system keeps you connected to the course at all times.  They will teach you how to use your equipment and enjoy the ropes course the best. We are not a guided tour but we do have guides out on the course to help assist you as needed. 

We sell our adventure passes based upon age. Adventure Passes for ages 6+ includes both the upper and lower ropes course, rock wall, 80’ inflatable obstacle course, and inflatable water slide. 

Adventure Pass Pricing

Adult aged 13+
Per person actively doing an activity.
Youth aged 6 - 12
Per child.
Child aged 2 - 5
Inflatable Courses only (does not include Rock Wall or High Ropes Course).

We hope you’ll join us to zipline in Montana with Glacier Highline!