Zip Line Near Me: Make This Road Trip To Glacier National Park The Best One Yet!

 Let’s face it, Glacier National Park (and Glacier Highline) are not exactly on the way to the grocery store. The drive can be a long one.  You don’t want to have to drive out of your way to find some awesome road trip breaks. Thankfully, the views are beautiful and there is a lot of hidden fun near you no matter where you’re coming from!  Whether you’re visiting Glacier from Missoula for a fun quick day trip or from Denver for a full and detailed GNP adventure, you are sure to find some awesome stops along the way and awesome things to do near Glacier National Park.  Our zipline and adventure course is a just stone’s throw away from the West entrance of GNP! Read up on some other fun stops and west glacier activities near you as you make the trek to Glacier National Park!

From Missoula:

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Zipline Near Me – Flathead Lake picnic ground

2.5 hours
The perfect quick weekend trip that feels like a full vacation! The Windmill Village Bakery in Ravalli is right on the way to Glacier in between Arlee and St. Ignatius and will get you the best Cronuts you have had.  This bakery will definitely take care of your sweet tooth on the way up to the West Entrance.  After that, make sure to take advantage of the beautiful views of Flathead Lake!  Stop at any of the campgrounds for a quick picnic and dip in this beautiful lake. This lake has tons of picnic location options, clear water, and tons of friendly people. Flathead offers some of the best sunsets to experience before you head over to your west glacier activities!   


From Salt Lake City:

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Zipline Near Me – Mcdonald Lake, Mission Mountains

9.5 hours
Only takes a day’s drive to see some of the best sights in the world. When you think about it like that, it doesn’t feel long at all! Missoula is a great stop after a long day of driving.  Grab some delicious dinner at the Top Hat, hop on for a ride on the Missoula Carousel, or stretch your legs for a quick hike up the M trail.  If you want to split the drive up in 2 days, make sure to hit up a beautiful hidden gem of a lake that is right off the road to Flathead!  Mcdonald Lake (Not Lake Mcdonald, which you are sure to see when you get into Glacier National Park) is nestled in the Mission mountains only a few minutes off the main road.  Stop for a paddle or a swim!  When hunger strikes right before you reach your west glacier activities, grab some world famous Montana flavors at the Huckleberry Patch!


From Denver:

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Zip Line Near Me – Grand Teton National Park

15+ hours
If you are going to make this long trek, you might as well make it last and savor the moments along the way! If you want to take the scenic albeit out of the way route through Idaho, Missoula and up to the west entrance, there are some must-see stops that make the extra time driving worth it.  Craters of the Moon National Monument, Dinosaur National Monument, Redfish Lake, The Sawtooths, The Tetons, Yellowstone National Park, the Bitterroot… The list goes on.  Take the time to experience all you can of this awesome area!


Zip Line Near Me: In Glacier National Park, it’s Glacier Highline!

Looking for a zip line near Glacier National Park? Doesn’t matter how long you will be in Glacier, Glacier Highline zip line and adventure course is going to be an awesome activity for people of all ages.  We are the zip line near you for your glacier adventure! See you on the Highline!