Christmas gifts wrapped underneath green tree.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Best Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

Tis the season! The season of family time, great food and memories shared about the table. Also, a great time to shop for all your loved ones on your list. Don’t let the thought of Christmas gift ideas overwhelm you. The holidays are also where summer plans spark to hit the road, hike the trails and check items off that bucket list. We have complied a list of great gift ideas for that adventurer on your list. These outdoor lover gift ideas will help make sure they have all they need for the trip of a lifetime!

Our list of gifts for outdoor lovers:

Give the Gift of Adventure with Glacier Highline!

Planning your upcoming trip to GNP? Surprise your family with gift cards to our aerial adventure park, inflatable obstacle courses and zipline! Purchase a tour online or buy a gift certificate.

Portable Hammock … $29.95 and up

This lightweight, compact hammock is a great gift! It fits just about anywhere and has endless places to be hung up to take in the scenery, take a snooze or sometimes even in place of a tent for your evenings. We like this portable hammock available for sale at REI! 

LED Headlamp … $29.95 and up

I think these speak for themselves. Our MT days are long and our skies speak for themselves but sometimes the stars just aren’t enough light. There are plenty of options for headlamps but we feel LED headlamps are the best! I love this LED headlamp available at Petzl.

Hydroflask and a LifeStraw … $19.95 and up

Staying hydrated is a must when you are out exploring and in the Summer heat. We love our Hydro Flask bottles! They come in various sizes and colors. They keep cold for up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours. Life straws are a great thing to have in your pack too! These devices are compact and is a “straw” to help you filter contaminated water to give you safe drinking water. This tool is great, easy to clean, doesn’t expire and a must have for your pack! You can purchase a Hydro Flask bottle directly from the company’s website. A LifeStraw is also available online!

Jet Boil Cooking Stove … $49.95 and up

Starting your day with a warm cup of coffee or making a hot meal in the great outdoors? This is just the thing you need! Jet Boil cooking systems bring you lots of different and functional set ups to meet your needs! Get your Jet Boil online.

Backpacker Hidden Gems by Maren Horjus … $17

Backpacker Hidden Gems is set up to help plan your best adventure yet. Its all set up by regions in the US to help get the most for your summer vacation. It’s one of many hiking or trip planning books you can find out there but this one is one of our favorites. Check out our neck of the woods on page 149!

American The Beautiful National Parks Pass … $80

Not sure on where you or your family are headed? This National Parks pass will get you into to multiple parks and recreational areas in the US. This would be a GREAT gift for the adventurers on your list!

Garmin InReach Mini … $350

Sometimes we get a little more off the beaten trail than originally planned. Always safe to have a GPS! This model is highly recommended by lots of outdoor enthusiasts. It’s compact but has all the features you find in bigger units and the battery life is great! Buy your Garmin online today!

First Aid Kit … Varies

These items can be found separately in your local drug or grocery store or you can buy a pre-made first aid kit online but this is a MUST HAVE! We suggest making sure this have plenty of bandaids for blisters, cuts, etc. but even think out of the box and have a few extra survival items you may not have in your basic first aid kit. Poison ivy/ poison oak treatment, finger splints, gauze and aloe vera just to list a few ideas.Buy your Garmin online today!

Leatherman Multi Tool … $169.95

Multi tools speak for themselves. They have plenty of options on which tools you feel fits your needs best. The multi tool on the top of everyone’s list is the Leatherman Charge TTI. This one has all you could imagine and wrapped in titanium for durability. You can’t go wrong with these Leatherman Multi Tools.