Lessons An Aerial Adventure Park Will Teach Your Child


Aerial Adventure Park Lessons


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We all do it, try to sneak personal growth into our children’s daily lives.  Add secret grated veggies into their mac and cheese?  Check.  Buy them a new video game, and forget to mention that it is actually educational?  Check. Blast the Hamilton soundtrack on every car ride in hopes that they will gain an early appreciation for American history? Check and Check. We are always looking for the next way to help our children become successful and independent human beings. Want a way to support personal growth in your children while also watching them have the time of their lives? Take them to our Glacier zipline and aerial adventure park, and watch them learn these 4 lessons.

Importance Of Physical Fitness


From our climbing wall to our ropes course, the best way to have fun is to use your muscles and test your limits.  Kids will learn that they will have the most fun with a strong and capable body.  They will also begin to understand the rewards of working out. This will carry over into their daily lives and form habits of health and strength.

How To Be Independent In Tough Situations


On a tight rope 30 feet in the air, your only choice is to trust and depend on yourself.  It may be the first time your kid realizes that in some instances, they can’t rely on other people to finish what they started. Once your kid overcomes the obstacles of our aerial adventure course, they will be more prepared to independently take on the challenges of daily life.

To Have An Appreciation For Nature


It is impossible not to have a newfound appreciation for nature when you visit a ropes course near Glacier National Park.  We are located right at the West entrance and can tell you first hand how lucky we are to be surrounded by some of the most amazing nature in the country. Making a day trip to our aerial adventure park and then seeing Glacier National Park is a great opportunity for kids to see just how amazing National Parks are, and will hopefully inspire them to appreciate and protect our National Parks in the future.

How To Take The Leap


Our giant rope swing is the physical embodiment of learning to trust yourself and the unknown.  Not many people know what it feels like to drop from a giant swing to a pool 3 stories below, so acceptance of the unknown is necessary.  Watch your child overcome their fears on our rope swing and then enjoy the instant reward of the adrenaline rush that comes right after the big jump.


Join us at Glacier Highline and watch your children grow on our aerial adventure park!